Greed + Politics + Toxic Fracking Chemicals in the drinking water supply = CANCER!

Many citizens of Fayetteville, Oak Hill and Lochgelly are outraged at WV DEP's failure to protect public health. Since 2004, WV DEP has received numerous complaints about the leaking sediments pits (containing Hydraulic Fracturing wastewater), polluted stream, and odor from the Lochgelly injection well site.  For the past several years, WV DEP has claimed that the water contamination is caused by acid mine drainage.  However, a recent study conducted by Duke University, confirmed that the contamination is caused by Hydraulic Fracturing wastewater (drilling), not acid mine drainage. According the the EPA and USGS, hydraulic fracking (oil and gas) wastewater is a mixture of 700 hundred chemicals, many of which cause thyroid disease, liver and kidney disease, nervous system damage and CANCER. 

West Virginia coal mines are used for the Disposal of toxic and radioactive Frack waste... Click to read the "very revealing" OPEN LETTER that was sent to Dr. Rahul Gupta in February 2015.

Wolf Creek leads directly to the current water intake which is only a few miles downstream from the Lochgelly injection well site.  It served as the primary drinking water source up until October of 2008 and continues to be used as the back up water supply. This is a major concern for many area residents, especially since the sediments pits began leaking into the headwaters of Wolf Creek in 2003.

Duke Professor:  Water samples show fracking contamination in Wolf Creek.  Click here to read the news article.

WV Senator Unger Fights to Protect Drinking Water From Radiation in Berkeley County. Click here to read the article.

History of Complaints to WV DEP:  WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas received complaints in 2004 about the leaking sediment pits and the odor coming from the Lochgelly injection well site.  The Wolf Creek drinking water contamination issue was first brought to WV DEP's attention when Brad Keenan, a concerned Lochgelly resident, presented and submitted water tests results and video evidence indicating that Wolf Creek was contaminated with fracking chemicals, to Jamie Peterson at a Public Hearing on whether or not to renew Danny Webb Construction's injection well permit in 2007. Shortly after the public hearing, the same evidence was certified mailed to Governor Manchin's office, but no response was ever provided.  Poisoning the water supply with toxicchemicals isa state and federal crime, but instead of addressing the water pollution issue, the WVDEP renewed Webb's injection well permit for another 5 years, enabling him to continue putting the drinking water supply at risk.

In June of 2013, another public hearing was held to consider the renewal of Webb's injection well permit. Dozens of concerned residents and health professionals attended and expressed strong opposition to the renewal ofthe injection well permit.  During the hearing, evidence of Webb's long history of violations were presented by the Sierra Club West Virgnia Chapter and many other environmental organizations.  One of the most compelling testimonies came from one of Danny Webb's former employees, Mr. Peter Halverson.  He informed the audience that Webb hadhimplace a new sediment pit liner over the old leaking sediment pit liner, which allows the toxic waste to continue leaking directly into Wolf Creek. In addition, strong laboratory evidence was presented and submitted that indicated that Wolf Creek was still contaminated with fracking chemicals. 

Click here to read the 2nd letter that has been sent to the WVDEP by the NRDC regarding Webb continuing to operate the frack dump without a legal permit.

Some of Danny Webb's own testing shows that the Fracking Wastewater which was allowed to sit in the sediment pits for several years had extremely high levels of Endocrine Disrupting and CANCER causing chemicals in it. Click here to view test results.

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